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    Default Video: Bear Meets Trail Riders

    So, what would you have done?
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    [quote=Mike Matson;5291466] So, what would you have done? quote]

    We meet black bear quite often in PA We basically stop, bunch up if we can to look bigger to the bear, and sit quietly. You can often watch them for a while, before they notice you. Once they do, they are usually GONE. But if they aren't, we do the same thing, wave hands, yell, or ring our bear bells.

    They are awesome to watch, and it is amazing how fast they can move.

    So far, all of our horses are very good with it, even the four year old. Of course, I have a very large bear that lives behind us in the State Forest, so I don't think its anything new to them.
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    Well considering I live in the bear capital of the world, - this isn't something I haven't experienced myself. We have bears in our driveway some mornings - so luckily the horses don't react much to them. Bears don't like a lot of noise, and a mounted rider is a bit bigger then they are. I've never had much trouble moving them off as a rule.
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