If you are a current member of the USEA Adult Rider Program in Area II, you should have received an invitation to join an announcement list via google. If you did not receive this invitation and you are an AR2 Adult Rider Member, please let me know. You can contact me via email at ann @ kirkwoodsporthorses.com.

The list will be for official area 2 adult rider information and will have up to one announcement per week going out to all members. It is not a chat list so will not overlap with what we have here or what is available on the yahoo adult rider chat list. It will be for reminders, general info, and postings from individual members that they send to me, which I then review and include (or don't include) in an upcoming announcement.

This announcement list will not take the place of newsletters, which are more formatted etc. It will be for announcing general ar2 adult rider affairs, such as upcoming events, recent accomplishments, and reminders about things like the
annual meeting, ATCs, closing dates for events and schooling shows in the area, and whatever else emerges. It will also be used to point people to the website for important updates and current newsletters. It is my understanding that some people cannot receive newsletters via their protected email. So the
announcement will bypass this problem and direct them to the website where they can then read newsletters.

I will give the invitation process about a week to come through and then will manually add area 2 adult rider members to the list. That is a more laborious process, as google only allows a small number of "adds" per day. But it is what it is and I am trying to fill gaps in communication among adult rider members in our area.

Thanks for your support!
Ann Baumgardner