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    Mar. 9, 2006

    Default Sensitive horse owners - quarter sheets?

    With as cold as it has been already here in NC, I'm thinking about getting a quarter sheet. Never used one before b/c I really didn't have to.

    One of my horses is really sensitive. He will frequently kick out at the blanket put over his back or small stick or something falling from a tree on a trail. It's just him, not a back issue. I think he might benefit from having some extra warmth on his back.

    Do you find your sensitive horses do OK with a quarter sheet? Does it take a bit for them to adjust to it? Does it interfere with trotting and cantering or is it more for a cold hack type ride.

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    Aug. 30, 2007
    Illinois, USA


    My mare was a little bug-eyed at the quarter sheet for awhile, but soon learned to ignore it entirely. If you're concerned, I think I'd put it on under the saddle, then longe the horse for a few days with it on, just so the horse can get a feel for it, THEN ride with it on.
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    Jan. 25, 2009


    Tony's been thru 2 winters and my trainer has been begging me to get a 1/4 sheet for him. He has muscle soreness in his hind qtrs and it really affects him in winter. I finally 'caved' and bought 2 this year. What a difference, He's an OTTB and I was fearful on his reaction to wearing it, which is why I didn't get one in the first place. The first time I put it on he acted as if I was just blanketing him. I longed him before we rode and he was a dream to ride. Now I use it for every ride and our warm up sessions are much shorter and he's one happy guy

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    Dec. 27, 1999
    Midland, NC, USA


    Also in NC and have sensitive horses and big fan of quarter sheets!

    If he's spooky longe him with it for a couple days. My redheaded TB mare LOVES hers!


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    Aug. 28, 2007
    Triangle Area, NC


    In NC too.
    expect the first few rides with it on to be a bit cranky. one he realizes that he gets to be warmer through the ride you'll have a whole different horse. All the horses at my barn are schooled in quarter sheets once it hits 50*
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    Nov. 13, 2004
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    My sister's former horse was as sensitive as sensitive gets. He was a special snowflake for sure. He went around like an antelope for about fifteen minutes and then realized it wasn't going to kill him and wore a quarter sheet until the temperature came back up. It made it easier for him (thin-skinned) and easier for my sister (able to stay on.)
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    Nov. 21, 2010
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    I love them! On some horses I've noticed it will twist slightly to one side when cantering, on other horses nothing!

    And the worst reaction I got was when it seemed to be shifting and I reached back to fix it, turned out I basically gave the poor horse a wedgie with the butt string in the back!!! lol ....he didn't appreciate it!

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    Mar. 8, 2009


    The ones made by horsewear are great for sensitive horses since they don't move around

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