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    Default Thoroughbred Breed Classes

    First, I have searched under this topic and found little which surprises me as I am sure the issue has been discussed before. What are people's feelings about TB-specific classes at shows? I know about the NATS and have seen a class or two at the local shows (in PA) and know that VA Horse Park has their series. What about the rest? I live in a strong TB area and am conversant with the whole OTTB dilemma, so why aren't TB-specific classes more common, or are they?

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    Well, if you search on here, there's even an entire show series for OTTBs now. (Or at least have been in race training, so not for show-bred TBs.)

    On the one hand, it's good because it gets more exposure for OTTBs as show horses, which is good because there is pretty much a never ending supply of horses in need of new careers who get overlooked for one reason or another.

    OTOH, many people have objected to creating a TB "ghetto". And/or pointed out the irony how there used to be specific classes for NON-TB horses.

    If you search for the threads about the show series at the VHC, you'll see a lot of the pros and cons discussed.

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    The Maryland Horse Show Assoc (MHSA) has a 3' TB hunter division. You can usually find it at most of the MHSA rated shows.
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