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    Nov. 1, 2007
    Watertown TN

    Default 2 horses and donkey FTGH Middle TN

    I am recieving a lot of calls on horses that need homes and have reached maximum capacity. This is all the info I have on the horses/donkey below. If you want more information send me a PM and I will get you in touch with the owners.

    1. donkey is Blossom Dearest. She's about 7 years old and very shy. Parents came from wild boro adoption program. she's sweet and loves to watch, but doesn't like being touched. although if you work with her, she comes around and let's you brush her. Always lets you feed her by hand. She's very healthy.

    2. LuLu is a Bay Roan App and is a registered App. She's 13 and a very large horse--I'm 5'4" and my eyes are level to her back. She's in excellent health and up to date on shots. Her quirks are (1) she has to have shoes or has problems with her front feet, (2) she hates a bit so I have a headress that's like a hackmore, but just leather and no metal. Riding level -- well, I'm an enthusiast and certainly no pro, but she's a great trail horse and is strong and fearless. Because sometimes it takes a little more strength with the headress (but rarely), she probably wouldn't do well with someone too young, but has has kids on her in the round pen bareback. Great ground manners.

    3. My leopard App is Dottie. She doesn't have papers, but it beautiful. Great health, all shots up to date. She bites her bit when you ride, but will stop after you mess with her enough. Smaller than LuLu but large. Very gentle. I'd say anyone could ride her. She's probably aruond 16. She is a terrific trail horse.

    Both horses have great ground manners and are very, very friendly and love attention. They are wonderful horses and as far as I know have never had babies. I have had Dottie about 9 years and LuLu about 5.

    They both love trail riding, but will go faster if you want. They just got shoes yesterday. Have been pasture horses for a couple of years and have put on a little too much weight. I haven't had time to ride much, so they need to be exercised before anything too strenuous.

    I have put beginning riding adults on both horses, no problem.
    To ride a horse is to borrow freedom.

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    Nov. 1, 2007
    Watertown TN

    Default owner getting into financial trouble

    Just wanted to bump this back up as the owner has again contacted me and is getting in trouble financially and really needs the horses to find a home. Please PM me for information on how to reach the owners. Thank you
    To ride a horse is to borrow freedom.

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