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    Default spin off - staying warm and what to do?

    Ok, so now my horse's myriad, none of them serious, but all annoying and kept him out of work things will be resolved by the end of next week, it's... well, something like 2 degrees outside.

    Okay, questions, a few ideas?

    Once I can get on him, I plan to start walking - he had no issues that preclude work - just stitches, etc, but, well, it's been since October with the one thing after another stuff.

    My ring is frozen, my fields, ditto. I ride in the am before work, it's my only time I can ride.

    At what temp do you not ride? I admit I have become somewhat of a wuss as I have gotten older. I used to say, ok, under 15 degrees, no ride, even in the indoor.
    That temperature has crept up over the years, and even though about 60 degrees is what I think some days, seriously, what is a decent temp to not go below to ride? 20 - no wind chill?
    I find that under 20 with the windchill, and no matter what I wear, the fingers freeze. so I guess I answered my question somewhat.

    What are you doing with your horses now, if you have no indoor? And going south is not an option? how do you keep going besides haul out to indoor (time constraints).
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    I've gotten wussier as I have gotten older. No indoor at the farm where I board. I will ride into the low 30's not windy. If it's miserable and body parts feel like they are going to freeze I bag riding.

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