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    Oct. 3, 2010

    Default Lame Horse in Back

    So may horse suddenly came up lame on Saturday. Not noticeable at the walk but very evident at the trot. No noticeable swelling or heat/ She's dragging her back right toe, and taking short choppy strides with it. She's turned out 24/7 and even though she is lame she will still take a couple trot steps in the pasture to try catch up to the other horses/being fed/etc. I rode her on Thur and the ground was pretty hard, which she really didn't like, kept trotting weird like she didn't want to touch the ground, but worked out of it. I lounged her Fri and the ground was soft, but we still did just mostly walk with some trot transitions, and Saturday she's lame. I've gave her some bute Sat evening, and same this evening.
    She's a TB mare, and generally has sensitive feet, but she's never been this lame.

    Any ideas?
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    I would take her off the bute and have your vet come out and exam and nerve block.

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    Abscess or stifle?

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    Oct. 3, 2010


    Good guess. I had originally thought abscess, but today she had some heat on her upper cannon bone, right below the hock, and just a small little hard bump. She was also noticeably less lame though. Vets coming out to see her tomorrow.

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