I have spoken with my vet, she is not coming out because the horse looks normal this morning. thought I'd get that out of the way.
Horse-about 35 yo mare, has cushings, has not foundered, has good weight going into winter, eating, drinking,pooping, out all day, has a stall at night in winter if cold weather but mostly stays out if it's above freezing and not raining, she gets stiff if left in too long.
Yesterday at dinner in the middle of eating she just laid down, flat out laid down, no rolling, laid there for a couple of minutes, did not lift her head, goats ran over, other horse ran over and she just laid there. I ran over, she blinked her eyes at me and snorted a little but just laid there even when i tried to get her up and then she just sort of snapped out of it and stood up. I've never seen her do this before in 10 years.So I thought it's been so cold maybe not drinking enough and took her out of the paddock, hand walked her around she seemed bright and not in pain, got out the hoof testers, no soreness, has gut sounds, checked her over for any injury, temp normal. Called the vet and she said since horse is on her feet and does not have any apparant issue to just continue to check her to see if anything is brewing.Kept her in last night, this morning she seems normal so fed her and she ate and wanted to go out. Temp still normal. poop in stall.
I think my vet thought I was nuts she kept asking well what is she doing now and of course i had to say, standing in the stall eating hay and looks comfortable, but you know when you've had a horse a while and they do something you've never seen them do before it kinda throws you. It just seemed like she was out of it while she was lying there. I didn't see anything that looked like a seizure as I was standing there and saw her go down, she didn't collapse in a heap but she didn't do her usual circling and pawing the ground to find a spot, she just sort of folded up her legs,laid down and went flat out in the middle of eating.
I hope she isn't going to have a hard winter, i was just commenting to my husband how good she looked going into winter for a change, for the past few years it's always been a question of whether she's losing too much weight and her stiffness. My vet and I have talked about her aging issues and the decision is if she goes downhill we would just thank her for her time with us and let her go peacefully, of course there is nothing that happened to indicate that but i have a feeling something is not right about her. So i quess I'm asking what does anyone think happened yesterday?