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    Default Ice Chasers Water Heaters?!

    Has anyone used this for keeping their water tub thawed? I found a couple in the big box labeled "Extra stuff I might need later and don't want to throw away because I might need it someday"!

    If I set this up, I have to run the extension cord between 2 posts about 12 feet tall as the water tub is across the driveway. Before I have the construction crew (DH!) start on that project, I'd like to have some feedback on how well (or not) they work. Thanks!

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    Default Deicer NOT heater.

    We have used these and sell them. You must remember that they just keep ice off the trough they don't actually keep the water warm. I've had many people return them when they thought they weren't working. As long as the trough doesn't freeze over, the deicer is working.

    You can check if they work - closer to your house before you have to worry about all the electrical stuff.


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