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    Jun. 20, 2005

    Wink Another Blanketing Thread (wamp, wamp)

    Hey all!

    So new OTTB comes home this weekend (yay!) and I'm debating whether or not to blanket him. Here's the deal: He's not been blanketed at all in at least the last two years (except for having a cooler on when appicable, etc). However, he also hasn't been turned out at all in those same two years, so hasn't been exposed to the elements, so to speak.

    Where he is going he will have option to go in and out of his stall, or if he prefers to stand outside beside the barn out of the wind/elements. Turn out all day, in at night. He has some semblance of a winter coat but not a great big thick one. I don't care about him getting furry;he's going to have the winter off anyway.

    WWYD? Wait and see? Blanket right away? I'm in Pennsylvania and we are pretty cold right now (20s during the day, teens at night). He's only an hour away dso no real climate change for him to deal with; just the added benefit of turnout for him to look forward to, and the exposure to the cold that comes with that.


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    He'll tell you when he's ready. Im on Long Island. Got one who tends to hang inside at night and already asked for his mw blanket and one who runs the other way and inists on staying out in all kinds of weather. ps. good luck with new ottb~

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