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    Default Another Mystery Lameness

    I have a coming 3 year old Paint gelding named Milo that I bought this summer. He had a pre-purchase exam and passed with flying colors.

    My trainer started him in lightly September. When he was first backed we noticed a slight short stridedness on the front left. I had my farrier look at him and he didn't react to the hoof testers or any manipulation of the tendons/ligments in his legs. He does not look lame nor does he bob his head just a small stride issue.

    Due to my work schedule he has had a month or so off and now he back being ridden. The first ride he was great and didn't look like he had any issues. Then the next few rides including his ride last night he is acting off on the right front but again no obvious lameness just a funny stride. He is also trying to refuse going to the left. He will do anything to avoid going around the roundpen to the left and will dive in to the center. He goes very nicely to the right!! He is also consistently picking up the wrong lead now when he is being worked in the round pen without a rider which again is not like him. He is a pretty willing guy and it is not like him to refuse to do anything.

    One last clue is that I noticed that he is coming out of the trailer funny. He puts his back feet on the ground first then his left leg and kind of hops out like he is protecting the right side. He didn't do this previously.

    My vet is scheduled to come for a full lameness exam on December 15th. He recommended putting him on bute for three days and then trying to ride him to see if he improves at all.

    In the meantime any ideas?
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    Best luck on the 15th. Lameness can be so confusing. I hope it is fixable or at least very manageable. Please update after December 15th.

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