Looking to lease Scamper, the 10 YO small pony I bought on a whim for my then 7 month old son! We've owned him for a year, and my son has been led around on him some, but not enough to justify keeping him here! I did have a small adult hop on him a few times, and he was good both in the ring and out, she popped him over a few xrails which he did willlingly. Before we bought him, he was supposedly a games pony who was dead safe, but I would recommend an intermediate rider as he's been out of work and is a typical pony. Would make an adorable hunter pony with some work, or could go do leadline tomorrow. Loads, ships, is a little obnoxious on the xties, and gets a ration balancer with a handful of grain and grass hay twice a day. He should not be on lush grass, he's in a 1/2 acre pasture now alone with fencemates that has hardly any grass. Vaccinated, just had his teeth done, and farrier was here a couple weeks ago.

I recently sent him to 2 months of drivng training and he did great, but is barn sour for his buddy at home! The trainer never had an issue with this, and I drove him several times there and he was perfect. But, with him being barn sour and me not having time/energy to work him through it, I'm ready to find someone to enjoy him.

Here's what I am looking for:

Off farm lease
Experienced horse family, no newbies/beginners
Within 1.5 hours of 19933
Must have safe barn/pasture(with not much grass)
Can ride or drive, but want a compentent kid (to ride) or adult (to drive), again, no beginners please

Could be a long-term lease, leasee would be responsible for feed, vet, farrier, worming, essentially a free "care lease"

Please email me at allisontatman@verizon.net for pics, and please tell me what you are wanting to do with him. I think he could really do well with a good little rider! He really is a cutie!