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    Arrow Need case studies: tendon/ligament injury

    Hi all -- I'm working on a magazine article about the latest and greatest in tendon and ligament injury treatment and repair. I'd like to feature a case study or two to illustrate what really happens after a horse is diagnosed with this sort of injury. Would anyone like to share their tale?

    Basically I'd like to hear about the nature of the injury (suspensory tear, deep digital flexor injury, aka bowed tendon, or check ligament strain, that sort of thing), the prognosis, what sort of treatment(s) your vet recommended, the approximate cost, how it went, and the outcome. Obviously the ideal story would include some reasonably cutting-edge treatment, eg. IRAP, stem cells, or the like, and a successful return to soundness, but I might also be able to use stories of on-going frustration if you care to share them.

    If anyone would like to help out, please PM me or e-mail ridexc at, and I'll shoot a few questions at you.

    Thanks guys!

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    Any interest in tendon sheath problems?

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    You might be interested in the lameness locator? They used that for my horse at NC state. otherwise two routine surgeries, you can see my post if you search Proximal Suspensory. That was a pretty nifty tool, I can give more details if needed.

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    I have a mare with all 4 superficial digital flexor tendons strained when we caught a tree root and fell.
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    Check out the lameness blog in my signature line. Happy to provide updates if you are interested. Unfortunately the links didn't survive its transfer from COMH to PDF.
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    This weekend, apparently as a result of a kick, Spy tore the medial colateral hock ligament at its upper attachment point.

    The vet said the prognosis would be very good if he were a young horse, but more questionable because of his age (28).

    He was only pasture sound to start with, due to hip arthritis, so we are only aiming for a return to pasture soundness.

    We are treating it conservatively, with stall or mini-paddock rest.

    Already it has gone from "almost completely non weight bearing" to "he stands on it and rests the other one".

    I handwalked hm for 15 minutes last night, and he offered to trot.

    Not currently planning on any high-tech techniques, but would consider them if it made the difference between being pasture sound and not.

    chief feeder and mucker for Music, Spy, Belle and Tiara. Someone else is now feeding and mucking for Chief and Brain (both foxhunting now).

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    How about a completely severed extensor tendon, partially severed extensor tendon, and a sequestrum?
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