Hi Everyone. Hope I'm not breaking any rules here!

I'm putting feelers out there to see how many people might be interested in a unique service that my friends and I had an idea for a few weeks ago. We have met an out-of-town guy who works with problem horses. He does everything from breaking them, teaching them ground manners, and working with them on necessary functions like hoof-trimming(he is a farrier back where he came from). He came out and worked MIRACLES with some very neurotic rescue horses we've got on the property- they've all got crazy amounts of baggage and are not really fun to work with. We were AMAZED at some of the things he was able to do with them. He RODE a few of them that we've barely been able to brush(!) and he did it all without the typical rough and tumble cowboy demeaner. He was very calm and soothing- no beatings necessary!
So, we were thinking.....we've got a facility that could easily accomodate having problem or young horses sent in on a sort of training board, but we would have to have enough interest in order to make it worth his while to fly out here and stay a few weeks. We'd have to do it in "sessions," where horses came and stayed in groups. I'm just trying to see if there is enough interest out there to warrant giving this a try. I know Ray Wheeler doesn't break or deal with problem horses anymore, so I'm wondering if there is a gap in the market that we could now try and help fill!
Any feedback would be appreciated. Feel free to post here or PM me if it makes you feel more comfortable.