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    Quote Originally Posted by PJ4ME View Post
    This food saved my dogs life! She was having frequent reactions that would cause her face to swell and her breathing to stop. We had to carry a shot of antihistamine with us everywhere. The vets felt it began with her food. She is a very large dog who is now 14 and going strong.
    I put my Shih-Tzu on that two separate occasions. The second go around he had some issues. He would only go to the bathroom every few days and when he did it was really soft and he struggled to get it all out. I took him off it and put him back on his normal Iams diet and the issue stopped. Do you have any issues like that?
    He gets Atopica every other day and this helps his allergies a little bit. Keeping him groomed regularly also helps the excessive licking.
    Quote Originally Posted by JSwan View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteppinEasy View Post
    I have a wonderful six year old Great Pyrenees, Sophie. About three years ago, she developed severe food allergies which manifested primarily through painful ear infections and itchy skin. For a time, she did well on California Naturals, but that doesn't seem to be working anymore. She is allergic to most grains, but corn and wheat especially, and doesn't do well with turkey, although she can handle chicken.

    We moved last year and Sophie has seen two different vets in our new area. This brings us to a total of six vets who have treated her for this, including an allergy specialist.

    Every vet has given a different recommendation and has basically told me completely conflicting things about a dog's nutrition needs in terms of protein, fat, and carbohydrate content, etc. Add to this the fact that every Pyr breeder I've dealt with recommends a raw diet and every trainer I've encountered has some different idea, and my head is spinning.

    I will say up front that the raw diet will NOT be happening. I have trouble touching raw meat anyway, and I simply can't deal with the meat "parts" which are recommended.

    The latest vet recommended a Before Grain food, probably the Buffalo. Does anyone have any experience with this brand? Or have another dog food recommendation I can investigate?

    Help! I feel like I've fallen through the Looking Glass here...
    Royal Canin Rabbit & Potato
    or any of their other "novel protein" foods are by FAR the best I've found. They have novel protein and carbohydrate sources in a balanced, tested food far superior to other brands.

    Hill's d/d (low allergen, not allergen free)
    Purina HA
    Hill's z/d (NOT totally allergen-free if you have dogs with severe chicken allergies)

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