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    Default Dewormer question

    I have been deworming my horse on a 3-way rotation. Somehow I must have gotten confused last time, because I dewormed with pyrantel pamoate in late September, and now that I'm looking at charts it should have been ivermectin.

    So now I should be doing oxibendazole/fenbendazole, I believe, and then if I stay with the three-way, I can do pyrantel again in January and be back on schedule.

    So should I do ivermectin this month since I skipped it, and get back on the rotation in January, or just forget about the ivermectin, and get back on the rotation now with the oxibendazole?

    This was so much easier back when I was at a barn where I just gave 'em $15 every other month and they did it for me. d; Guess I've learned a lesson about buying a whole year's worth at once in the future, and then labeling them so I won't get mixed up!

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    What were the results of your horse's FEC?

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    You actually shouldn't be doing oxibendazole, fenbendazole, or pyrantel pamoate

    Not unless you're double-dosing pyrantel to get tapeworms. Not unless you're double-dosing fenbendazole for 5 days for a power pack

    Like Dune implied, get a Fecal Egg Count done to see what is what and start from there. It's been long enough since the pyrantel that you can do it now.
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