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    Default Best blog site/software for a photo-heavy blog?

    I know I asked about this a few OTDs ago, but I didn't get a ton of response so I'm asking again. Starting a blog has been one of those things on the list of "I'll get to it eventually" for a while...

    I'm looking for a simple, easy, preferably free blog site. It would mainly be for photos as opposed to a lot of text. I don't know source/code or any of that, but am fairly proficient with the web and have a content managed website that I'm pretty good with now, so it doesn't need to be completely idiot proof. It would be a bonus to be able integrate it with my website.

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    I am bumping this up for you - as I am interested in some good suggestions as well . - a work in progress

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    wordpress is probably the most documented and versatile cms out there that doesn't have a huge learning curve. I'm sure they have photo-heavy templates to start from - you can get templates for free or pay a little money and get some really impressive ones and just build on top of them. You can host on their platform or yours. Otherwise if you search "Content Management System" you'll see all kinds of options from free to $$$. I was playing around with SquareSpace (I think) recently and liked it, but it might be a bit more challenging than WP.

    Or you can go with blogger and what-not, but WP is far more customizable.
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    WordPress is great, but for photo-heavy, Tumblr might be a better option.

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    Honestly, many of the blog platforms will suit your needs. If you really have such simple demands--a photo-friendly theme interface and ease of posting--that can be done on any of the major platforms. Most hardcore bloggers use a browser plugin like ScribeFire or desktop blogging software like Windows Live Messenger to author their actual blog posts, so the only time you touch the main blog interface is when you're messing with the site's aesthetics/theme. And all of the blog platforms make it easy to alter your theme (except for Posterous, which has other goals--not my choice for someone who's super duper interested in their site's aesthetics, definitely my choice for someone who doesn't really care how their posts are formatted and wants to easily email content to the platform).

    Tumblr is very popular with the arts/graphics/photography set because it's very photostream-friendly. It's also dead simple to us and operate. The downside? Their comments features are kind of weird. You'll see what I mean if you cruise through a few Tumblr blogs. is probably your best option if you want 100% control over your content and your blog format. Frankly, I'd say 85% of the "serious bloggers" that I know are on Wordpress on their own domain. is a good choice if you don't mind paying for their service; they have essentially a drag-and-drop

    But again, any platform would do. There are certainly photo-friendly blog themes on Blogger,, etc.
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    I use for my scrapblog and photos.

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