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    Jan. 7, 2000
    The burbs of Chicago


    Can I ask where did the MISS deparment go? Its all old ladies cloths now, I luv cats sweatshirts and sweaters, those ugly sweaters paired with a gross belt, ugly sequined tops, and turtle necks, lots of ffffing turtle necks. What happend to have stylish cloths for the 20's and 30's crowd gone? I can't shop at macy's, carson's, kolhs and other mall retailers because I don't want to look like a 60 year old... And can we please get away from ugg boots, PLEASE!!!!
    I want to be like Barbie because that bitch has everything!

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    Mar. 16, 2009
    Near the cupcake shop

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    Jun. 9, 2005
    Unionville, PA


    I like Eddie Baur jeans; I usually buy them at an Outlet store. Sometimes I can get them for $10!
    Delaware Park Canter Volunteer

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    Aug. 12, 2010
    Westford, Massachusetts


    I've learned to buy clothes when I see something I like that fits, not necessarily when I need them (because then I'll never find them!). I agree that the styles right now are awful. Actually, it's been that way for many years, IMO! I'm 48 and certainly cannot wear junior styles, sexy styles or the "latest hot fashion" without looking like a fool trying to stay young. But, I'm not build like a stereotypical 48 year old, I'm still tall, thin, stand up straight and fit. I look just as ridiculous in the clothing that the retailers seem to think I should be wearing (elastic waists, shapeless/dowdy stuff, the aforementioned "I luv cats" sweaters!).

    I need a long inseam too and retail stores NEVER stock them. Much of my clothing comes from Goodwill...especially the ones out in Wisconsin, the thrift stores here in Mass stink. I also run through TJ Maxx and Marshalls when I happen to be passing them (you will sometimes see long inseams there for some reason), I usually come out empty handed, but every once and a while I score something good. I sometimes get jeans from LLBean or Lands End. Both have retail stores around here (Lands End is in Sears). I go try jeans on to find the style and waist that fits me best and then go home and mail order the same thing with the longer inseam.

    IF I find something I like, I buy it in several colors, to spare myself the pain of searching further .

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    Apr. 28, 2008


    For jeans with a bit of flare and stretch without recreating the '80s, I like Gap Long and Leans. They also come in inseams long enough for me, which is virtually impossible to find elsewhere. They also have a midrise that's not too low and not too high. They are the only jeans I own any more. The most recent models have lots of lycra in the fabric and are super-comfy -- just bought some last week at 30% off. Highly recommend!

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    May. 27, 2009


    Re: leggings as pants. I'm a graduate student and I've seen quite a few undergrads (oh those crazy kids!) wearing tight TIGHT leggings. If I can see both cheeks clearly, they're not pants!
    Forward momentum!

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