Well, my horse went and hurt himself. I guess I'm due; never had a problem in the 9 years of owning him. So far this week? Choke on Tuesday, muscle sprain on Friday.

Had the vet out today to confirm my suspicions and yes, it is a sprain, not sure of the exact area but we are guessing in the deep muscles of the shoulder or elbow. Extensior muscles, perhaps (but hopefully not!) a ligament or tendon in that region.

He is on stall rest, handwalking at least once a day, and bute for now. Poor boy, as if he didn't loathe stalls enough, now he's stuck in one for weeks.

Has anyone experienced this? Do you have any suggestions for his health and happiness besides the stall rest/bute regime? I'm going to put him on the B-L pellets after his 10 days of bute to keep him comfy, but thought I'd swing in and ask you all your opinions.

Thank you!