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    Default Cellular Nutrition - alpha polysaccharide peptides or alpha glycans

    Is there anything to these "cellular nutrition" products containing alpha polysaccharide peptides (alpha glycans) which are supposed to be good for energy, healing, etc. because they deliver vital nutrients directly to the cell with more efficiency? Nutritionists - Does this make sense from a scientific point of view?

    Has anyone tried it on their horse(s) and, if so, for what conditions and what was your experience?

    They market their product for horses, dogs and cats. Seems that there may be other brands out there but I'm not sure. I wasn't invested in doing too much research without getting some feedback from the experts and anyone who has actually tried it.
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    The cell already gets what it needs in precisely the correct form; there is no need for intervention on our parts. If a nutrient is not precisely what a cell needs and can utilize, it will perform no function nor be utilized by/for that cell.

    Our cells and bodies are a marvel and need extremely little fiddle-farting around from "advanced nutrition". . We believe we are more clever than Mother Nature at our own risk!
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