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    Default 21 y.o. grey stallion & diarrhea

    My grey stallion has diarrhea (the runs!) on and off alot. Has been doing this for probably a year or so now. I just cleaned him up again -- it's like foal scours. So, he is not in work and hasn't been in quite awhile, is not breeding, has a large paddock with company over a double fence line and a run in -- so no stress. Been here all his life - I delivered him. No history of anything, been on Purina Senior for 5-6 years, grass hay, dewormed consistently. Have started a supplement w/probiotics in it but not helping (on it about 2 weeks now). So, is this a symptom of internal melanomas? He doesn't have any outside, but did have a large sarcoid several years ago we treated with freezing. Any ideas?

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    I had a couple of seniors in my care at a barn that I worked at both had, chronic diarrhea. No real medical cause that we could find so we switched up their feed. They went from hay to hay cubes and the hay cubes really seemed to make the difference. The one horse went on Buckeye senior and the other went on safe and easy for their grain ration . But the hay cubes really made the difference. I know this because one of the owners insisted on giving her horse hay and the Diarrhea came back every time she gave the horse regular hay.

    In my opinion I think that as some seniors get older their bowls get more sensitive and maybe even inflamed. The hay cubes are already chopped once to be mass into cubes. So after you soak them it's like its pre-chewed hay. And when the old guy gets a hold of it and chews it again you have a really broken-down product that is easier to digest especially if the horse is missing teeth and can't completely chew regular hay.

    If hay cubes are really expensive in your area like they are here, you may want to mix with beet pulp. However I do think that their should be more hay cubes to beet pulp in the ratio. The hay cubes will be a nutritionally better staple than the beet pulp and will go a long way keeping weight on.
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    My vet says occasional diarrhea is a symptom of melanomas.

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    My old guy did that, and had to go on cubes. He was fine after that. The vet said that the hay was irritating his intestines.

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