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    Default Riding after C-Section

    Hi All!

    I'm wondering if anyone else out there has experience with coming back to riding after a c-section. I had my c-section on August 10th. It was a routine schedule section (breech baby) and went very well with no complications. My incision healed beautifully and I have not had any pain or tenderness in the incision site since about two weeks postpartum. At 6 weeks postpartum I got the go ahead to start working out and riding again. I started with the gym to get back into some shape but waited to ride (I don't have a horse right now, just client horses to ride). Then at 8 weeks postpartum I had laparoscopic gall bladder removal so that set me back a little more. Three weeks ago I finally got the go-ahead to ride again and started up.

    I've been taking it easy, just walk/trot, no jumping or cantering yet. My incision area gets quite tender and sore during and after my ride. Has anyone experienced this? Is this just because the muscles aren't back to normal yet? Are there exercises I can do to help with this? Or is it a sign that I should slow down. Any experience or advice would be great. I do plan on talking to my doctor about this as well, I've scheduled an appointment for next week.

    Thank you for your responses!

    [Paint It Black - "Kiddo"]

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    Hey there ~ I had a slow time getting back to riding since all I had was a greenie, and I didn't do much in the gym after my c-section. But I didn't have pain when getting back to riding. Since it was on a greenie (ridden just a couple time before finding out I was pregnant) I was just doing a lot of walking and trotting at first. I just had ore muscles and felt very uncoordinated. Mostly due to my core not being very strong.

    I am currently pregnant again, and will be having a 2nd c-section in Jan (not enough time between the babies to try a regular birth per hospital regulations). This time I am planning on doing more core excercises once I get the okay from the doc, and riding again after the 6 week check-up.

    I wonder if your pain has more to do with the second surgery than the first?
    ~ Kimberlee

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    I had an emergency C-Section at Thomas Jefferson University which is an excellent hospital. My doctor told me I was completely healed at 7 weeks and that I could ride, exercise or anything I wanted to normally. I have ridden 3 times since he told me this and have had no problems. It felt great and felt completely normal. I plan to go to the gym tomorrow and do weights.

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    I had an emergency c-section and a rough recovery. It healed beautifully but I had pretty noticeable pain for about 6 months after. I didn't start riding until almost a year after.

    I still have twinges now and then, as odd as that sounds, and it has been 2.5 years. Dunno if it is due to scar tissue or what.

    Everyone heals differently so I think it is hard to know what the "norm" is. My advice would be to go as slow as you need to. It's not a race, there's no medal, and it is important to listen to your body.
    We couldn't all be cowboys, so some of us are clowns.

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