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    Default Is there any market for a SMALL dressage pony?

    Sorry, I'm from the hunter/jumper world and don't know a whole lot about the dressage world. I've seen more and more ponies being marketed as 'FEI dressage pony" prospect etc. To be honest I didn't even know there was dressage for ponies lol.

    Anyway can anyone enlighten me on ponies in dressage? I have this awesome 12.2hh imported Dutch pony that has done hunters but would just love to be a dressage pony I think. But I have NO clue if when people are talking about dressage ponies is it adults riding on large ponies or are kids actually doing dressage and looking for ponies this size? And if they are, are they hard to sell and what sort of price range typically?

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    FEI Pony classes are for riders between 12 and 16 years of age, and for ponies under 148 cm without shoes or 149 cm with shoes.

    If you plug 'FEI pony' into youtube, you should get some videos of the test and what it requires.

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    A friend was looking for a year to find something under 13 hands, with show quality for her young daughter. She just bought a pony last weekend. Had to compromise. He is slightly bigger and a lot younger than what she wanted.
    I think if you price him right, he'll sell quickly!

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    DD rides strictly Dressage and currently rides an 11hh small pony. He's been there and done that and now just does up to level 2 with his chosen kiddos. There is a market for them and since that pony has done jumping and if he's solid for w/t/c you might even offer him as an event pony. I browse on occasion for ponies and have gotten to the point unless it's over 7 y/o and confirmed showing its not FEI prospect as a pony. When you do market even a small snippet of a video of said pony at a show would do wonders.
    Price range - Here in Texas not much simply because we are just not a hotbed of shows and western still rules. Florida would be the place to go now because they do have winter shows. DD isn't showing that often or I would be more help as far as show seasons go.
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    Originally Posted by alicen:
    What serious breeder would think that a horse at that performance level is push button? Even so, that's still a lot of buttons to push.

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    First of all, not all FEI dressage ponies sell to kids. There is actually more interest from small adults in true FEI prospect ponies (FEI pony division is more like 2nd-3rd level). I breed German Riding Ponies and so far ALL my sales have been to adults...several of which were pros.

    There is a market for small and medium dressage ponies...but it is much smaller than the market for larges. I would contact Lendon Grey or dressage trainers with young child riders for a small. Much bigger market as a hunter I'm afraid
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    There is a very large market for trained dressage ponies or ponies that have very good basics and can very easily switch to dressage. Well trained ponies, are a good seller in just about any field because it is hard to come across talented and trainable ponies that don't have the pony attitude. One, it's difficult to find horse-like gaits and horse-like mind set in ponies and two, its difficult to find a small enough and qualified enough trainer who even wants to train ponies. The biggest market for competitive ponies are mainly with wealthy parents who want a good pony for their child.

    Some ponies that you see very regularly in dressage are german riding ponies and conamaras. GRP are technically just small warmbloods. I think GRP are even better movers than many WB movers.

    If your pony did hunters, do you think there is the possbility of it doing eventing? Eventing ponies are pretty big too. A lot of pony clubbers do eventing and are in need of a good event pony.

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    There was a lady at a show I watched in July.

    12.3 painted pony...she was maybe 5'1". Hardly had to pick her leg up to get the stirrup.

    Little guy was showing at 2nd and doing really well. AND doing endurance on the side.

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    Feb. 8, 2002


    Unfortunately, no, not much of a market for smalls. Doesn't mean it's impossible, but for decent $$, it's gotta jump.

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