I don't work for Sullivan, but I love visiting their shop in Bend, and if you are in Central Oregon, it's a great stop.

Right now their website has free shipping at $35 and over, and you'll see lots of sales. There are a lot of different glove materials, but I usually buy deerskin.

I realized this afternoon that my deerskin work gloves that are lined with polar fleece are at least 15 years old, showing lots of cosmetic wear on the outside, but still good warm gloves for riding and work outdoors.

They have the crochet-back gloves and a lot of other traditional gloves, plus they'll do custom gloves as well. Someday I'm buying a pair of the cuffed gauntlets...

If you are within driving distance, you can shop the number 2 gloves, the ones that didn't make the grade, usually for a minor blemish, but are perfectly wearable and lots cheaper. People with lots of patience can go through the bin of single gloves, making their own matches and saving even more $. For daily barn wear, it doesn't matter that much if the stitching pattern isn't identical, or if one is dark brown and the other is black. People who always wear out one glove while the other is still fine will be able to find new friends for their solo survivors.

You can get these gloves wet over and over, and while it will take a few minutes to loosen them back up again after a soaking/drying cycle, they are fine afterward.

Gloves are great modestly priced gifts and useful for just about everyone.