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    May. 19, 2008

    Default renting a tow vehicle?

    I understand this may be a stupid question. I'm pretty sure the answer is "no" but figured I'd ask just in case...

    We have two trailers, two drivers, and one truck. We need to move several horses (more than fit in one of our trailers) on about an 11 hour trip. I would much rather not make two trips, but can certainly do that if necessary.

    The question - are there places that rent tow vehicles for hauling a horse trailer? We would haul our larger GN trailer with our own truck, and would need another vehicle for a 2H BP. I'd prefer a 2500 or larger truck. This is not a commercial or "for hire" haul.

    Even if they do rent trucks for hauling and allow hauling of such a large load... I have several major concerns, including finding a truck with a tow package, an appropriate class hitch/receiver, and a brake controller. Then there are also concerns like making sure the trailer is level, etc. It might be more trouble than it's worth or a really bad idea- if it's even possible.

    So, is it even possible or is this the worst idea ever?

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    Aug. 25, 2007


    Check you local Yellow Pages for commercial truck rentals. You might also check with your local Co-Op or Extension office. They will not rent vehicles but might know of someone who will.

    If this is a one time deal you might be better off trying to hire a tow vehicle and driver. It will be more money than a straight rental, but a straight rental might not be available.


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    grimesklynn Guest


    U-Haul will typically let you use their box trucks to pull a 2-horse bumper pull trailer. I used one in a pinch a few years ago, but only to go a short distance. Might be worth looking into.

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    Feb. 13, 2005
    Columbus, OH


    You might have more luck hiring a hauler. I had a similar situation when I moved to Michigan, and I hired an insured horse hauler to bring just her truck (not her big gooseneck) to haul my horse + trailer. It wasn't cheap, but it was cheaper than hiring a hauler with their own trailer and once I accounted for gas and time to make two trips, it was worth the expense.
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    Jul. 13, 2006


    Around here you can rent 2500 & 3500's from U-haul. They don't have gooseneck hitches but do have class IV bumper pulls on them. They also will sell you just about any converter under the sun to make your trailer and their truck work. Heard it isn't cheap though!

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    Jun. 29, 2008
    San Diego


    Any friends who might have a suitable tow vehicle that would be willing to either tow the trailer or let your borrow their vehicle? Otherwise I'd check into a professional. Personally I wouldn't want to tow such important cargo with a rented truck, especially a u-haul.
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    Nov. 24, 2002
    Northern KY

    Default Most of the rental companies

    don't like you to tow anything but the little car dollies they rent. And you need to make sure your insurance will cover it in the event of an accident.

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