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    Jun. 14, 2010

    Default TB lines experts?

    Sorry for another of these threads!
    I'm just interested in hearing what you all have to think of my young guy's bloodlines. We're in South Africa so a few names might be unfamiliar.
    I've heard that Roberto is pretty popular over there for jumping lineage. Peter Davies has produced good (1.50m) jumpers and good Intermediate eventers here, and Elevation also produced top level jumpers. Slew the Red really didn't have a lot of foals so I'm not sure what he's produced.

    Not that it's going to make any difference to how I feel about the little guy - which is that he's just lovely - but it'll be interesting to find out if it's a "fashionable" bloodline over there.


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    Oct. 4, 2003
    Clinton, BC


    Slew the Red has the pedigree where, should he produce jumpers, there are a number of individuals in there to which the talent could be attributed. Roberto is one of the lines to Turn To, which is a good thing. Damascus and Neartic also give jumping sire power to the male line of this stallion, they are all winners in the jump producing department. Seattle Slew is also liked by some as jump producing, not particularly by me, but we are all influenced by his sons who are local to us. Alydar is probably one of the best lines back to Raise a Native, he has had some sons who have been great jump producers. Love to see him in there. Icecapade also indicates jumping ability, it's a good line to Nearco for jump ability. Neartic in there twice is a good thing. So this horse's pedigree has lots of individuals who are well liked by jumpers, sire power.

    His dam's side is more obscure to me, South Africa will do that! Nice to see Hyperion as close as the fourth generation. And Lyphard has thrown some jumpers. But you seem to have local knowledge of this line being productive already in jump production, more valueable info that I can supply!

    On paper, with the local info you have on the female side, it wouldn't be surprising if this one can jump some, IMO.

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    Jun. 14, 2010


    Over here Roberto is most known through his son Al Mufti for showjumping:
    Just the Al Mufti's tend to be quirky and professional rides. Haven't fount one without a great jump though, so they're worth the quirks.

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    plenty of jump on the top side:
    Roberto usually passes on a good jump..half the time with a difficult temperment.
    Nashua: good jump/better temperment
    Damascus: good jump
    Neartic x 2: good jump
    Seattle Slew/Bold Reasoning: good all around athletes, very prone to quirky temperments
    Round Table: good athletes
    Alydar: THE tops for throwing a consistent good jump

    overall...very nice topside
    I don't know as well/ have to go back a bit more;
    Sea Bird is desireable, as are Hasty Road, Northern Dancer, Prince John, dam's sire side is good.
    Dams dam...Hyperion is the only one I recognize there.

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