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    Default Do a lameness eval when horse needs a trim?

    This is kind of a dumb question. I have a vet coming out to do a lameness evaluation on my horse, who has been NQR lately so far as stiffness goes. Thanks to an extremely unprofessional farrier who has been giving me the run-around, my horse is behind on her trimming schedule. Her feet aren't terrible and they're not cracked or chipped, but they are about 2 weeks overdue. Should I still have the vet come out to do the evaluation, or reschedule so the evaluation can be done when the horse's feet are up-to-date with trims?

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    Trims can certainly affect the horse's way of going and its soundness. I would, personally, wait until after the hooves are trimmed.
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    Ask the vet.

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    More then likely the vet will be able to see what's going on regardless.

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    Tend to agree with caballus here. Being overdue for a trim, even just a little, can cause some problems for some horses.

    How long ago did the lameness start? YOU might feel it's not due to being overdue, but the vet won't necessarily know that, and if long feet are making for a sore suspensory, for example, it wouldn't be fair to say that's the cause, at least at this point, when it's just a side effect.
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    Thanks everyone, that's what I thought, too. Vet appointment has been canceled. *sigh*

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    I too would wait until after the trim. Being unbalanced can definitely affect the way a horse moves. If it were me, I'd want the vet seeing the horse at the absolutely best it's gonna get, which would be after a fresh trim.

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