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    Default old indoor arena footing

    I am at a barn that has a wonderful old indoor arena. And i'm pretty sure the footing is pretty old too.

    for years, it was unused since it's mostly the hunt farm and had very few boarders. I've been there year and the owners were kind enough to clear the equipment out of the arena for me to use. but it's really dusty.

    since I cannot afford to replace the footing, and there is no one else who uses the indoor, what can i spray to help with the dust? the depth of the footing isn't too bad, just alittle powdery.

    I've heard vegetable oil really helps. any clue how to ad that or any other ideas?

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    Water? If you have access to a hose.

    Calcium but that could cost you some $ depending on how big it is

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    No, don't add oil. Imagine clumping mess you would get. And the expense.

    You need to water it. You may need to water it often for quite some time. Get a hose with a good sprinkler head you can move around, and leave it on sections until the footting is quite wet. Keep the doors closed, as wind blowing through really dries it out. You'll get the nack of how long to leave the sprinkler on, and ride just when its done. Just keep an eye on it so it doesn't become muddy or slick. If it does, rake it around. And again, keep sun and wind off it, if you can.

    Water really will keep the dust down, even if temporarlily.
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