The Mid-America Combined Training Association is pleased to announce that the 2011 USEA recognized Heritage Park Horse Trials in Olathe, KS will offer both a Training Level 3-Day Event and Novice Level 3-Day Event at their August 27-28th event.

Training Three-Day Event (T3D): Per the USEA rules, T3D is Open to competitors of any age, on horses four years of age or older. Both the competitor and the horse must have obtained NQR’s at four horse trials at the Training Level or higher, one of which must be attained as a combination. A competitor established at the Preliminary level may compete on a horse which has obtained 2 NQR’s at the Training Level or higher.

Novice Three-Day Event (N3D): At this time, the USEA does not recognize the Novice 3-Day event. The qualification requirements for the N3D at Heritage Park will be announced in early 2011. The N3D will be run in conjunction with the USEA recognized Heritage Park Horse Trials, but is not USEA recognized and therefore competitors will not be able to earn USEA points or use placings for AEC qualifications.

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