A friend of mine has a 4yo grulla mare she would like to rehome. Mare has been vetted (left rear hock x-rayed) and she has OCD in the upper joing and some arthritis in her lower joint. No reason to x-ray but the one hock.

Mare is broke to ride, but vet said he wouldn't ride her two days in a row even at a walk and trot only. She is super sweet and friendly and doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She was raised alone and has lived in very small, one, two, or three horse herds her entire life.

Owner has two other horses they ride and when left alone in the pasture this mare gets upset and starts running. Owner is afraid the mare will hurt herself even further by her antics and would really love to find a good home where this mare can be useful as a companion to either another horse or to a person who would love to have a "grooming buddy".

Mare is 14.0h, give or take and is a silver grulla w/a darling little head and friendly, slightly pushy (but in a sweet way), personality.

Pictures available on request. Please e-mail inquires to carlsylvia_shannon@att.net if possible