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    Nov. 25, 2009

    Default OMG! SRB makes a shocking revelation... what should I do?

    So I went out to get SRB baby from the pasture and out of the blue, he tells me that he wants to explore his, oh I can hardly bring myself to type it, "Arabness."

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    But it just totally took me by surprise as he was very happy to express nothing but lazy good nature.

    i have deep reservations about this, as there are no other Arabs in the pasture.

    Will they pick on him and call him names, and beat up on him?

    Should i hire an animal communicator so that he can be taught to embrace his full nature without fear of rejection, and judgement?

    Should i find me a nazi dressage trainer who will Rollkur him into complete submission and will be too busy learning helplessness, so as not to threaten the harmony of the nuclear pasture?

    Or should i just hope this is a passing phase and he'll grow out of it?

    Has this happened to any of you before and what did you about it?

    "I can't help but think good horsemanship has to
    do with the mind." Maria Bertram, Mansfield Park by
    Jane Austen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AnastasiaBeaverhousen View Post
    Should i hire an animal communicator so that he can be taught to embrace his full nature without fear of rejection, and judgement?
    He's got no problem with his Arabness; it's you who has a problem. Skip the animal communicator and try a therapist for yourself. Embrace your inner Bedouin warrior; you'll feel much better, and you'll spend less money on tack.
    Quote Originally Posted by HuntrJumpr
    No matter what level of showing you're doing, you are required to have pants on.

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    Dec. 4, 2002
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    You just need a translator. What he means by this is, "I don't want to jump no fences."
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    Aug. 4, 2009


    Take Belly dancing lessons get a jewel in your navel and start thinking about sand dunes................

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