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    Mar. 22, 2010

    Default help and ideas please, thinking about a rescue or rehabbing this winter

    Not sure where to post this. I have one horse to ride and my husband says I can get another. The one I want is "getting better" ( she had an injury) and may take a bit before I can bring her home. So I am a small trainer, have tons of Exp. have an indoor, and an open spot for another ride. How do most rescues work. I do not want to put much money out to purchase and would love to "upgrade" a horse to a better situation. I am in southern MI. Any ideas. I do not want to go pick something out of the kill pen. I have had good luck with that in the past, but had one horrible one too. Ultimately I get a project and help rehome it. Maybe fix some issues, build trust, etc. So that it can go on to better things. I am not looking to make anything. Nor do Iwant a rescue that does not let you palce the horse.

    Any Ideas? Any suggestions? Any good rescues in the midwest?

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    Dec. 20, 2006
    Clemson, SC


    I'm in the same boat. Your close enought to go through CANTER though, I'm resorted to CL or the occassional word of mouth. Sorry I'm not better help! But good luck and have fun, upgrading is so rewarding and puts a smile on my face
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    Feb. 28, 2006
    Central IL


    We are in Central/Eastern IL.
    Every rescue operates in the manner that makes sense for them....and so, you'll really need to speak with someone you are considering working with, and seeing what makes sense and what they can do.

    With us, we have one situation kind of like this now -- we have a warmblood out on foster with a gal who is putting time and fitness work into him, and working to solve some hoof issues that we couldnt fix here in our rough pasture conditions. She is also going to try to find him an adopter. If she should choose to keep him for herself (a possibility we've discussed from day one), then we have already agreed on what that fee would be to her. If she finds him a home, then the adopter will adopt through us on our normal terms -- which is a 6 month period after the adopter takes the horse home that ownership stays with us. In this case, there's less risk to the foster -- she can ask to return him at any time with minimal notice, as we have agreed. she isn't formally committed to him in any way.

    another option would be that, essentially, you would adopt said horse from us, with everyone understanding your plan is to rehome him/her. We would work out an arrangement that both you and my board were comfortable with regarding how ownership would transfer, who/how would the potential new owner be reference checked etc. in this case, if you decided you didnt want to keep working with him or couldnt find him a home, he could still come back to CWER, but in MOST cases adoption donations are nonrefundable. So you've accepted more risk but may also feel you've got more control in this scenario.

    If you are simply looking for a project horse, we get calls several times a month for horses we cannot bring here for a variety of reasons. I know of a reg TB mare who never raced who was rescued by a TB farm, is said to be fit and healthy and ready for a trainer and a new career. she is free ot a good home -- i could put you in touch with them, they are also here in Illinois.

    Hope this is at least somewhat helpful. My last bit of advice is simply precautionary and likely stating the obvious -- whatever plan you tackle, be sure to get everything in writing and be sure everyone understands what happens in the 'what if' scenarios.

    Finally, THANK YOU. Thank you for wanting to help.
    AnnMarie Cross, Pres, Crosswinds Equine Rescue,
    Sidell IL (near Champ./UofI/Danville IL/IN state border)

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