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    Red face Why can't I live closer?

    So I'm super antsy for a new project. Got my last rescue permanently rehomed, my guy is on long slow recovery from a non-serious injury (but still long rehab), I'm not allowed to have my pasture puff mare back LOL. So I want a play horse and preferably one that will be a second show horse for a long time.

    Been browsing and looked at some possibly free lease or lease to own arrangements but things just didn't work out through no one's fault. But I see all these OTTB's that are coming down and out for the winter that need homes but they are so far away.

    Why can't Finger Lakes or Evangeline or Charlestown be closer?? I don't want (or really have the extra couple hundred) to pay a hauler, but dangit I have tons of pasture/hay/feed and time for one of these sweet ones. Sooo not fair. Ok whine over!!

    Off to browse craiglist addictively to find a new rescue I guess
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    Talk to rescues in your area. We get calls for horses ALL THE TIME that we don't have space for or we cannot manage. Ex racers? you bet. TBs that never raced? all the time. Warmbloods? rarely but yes (usually they are broken in some manner....) If you get a connection with the right people, let them know you are sane and capable, I'll just bet you will have people referring horses to you regularly.

    You can also do things like join email lists like hrb1 on -- it has LOTS of noise, but it also is a place where a lot of people post available horses. When we can't take a horse here one service we offer is, with permission, we publish the horse to a variety of email lists including horses_for_sale and hrb1 and equine_rescue_central (we are in the midwest).

    Finally, you might contact a rescue and ask about fostering and putting some training on a horse in their care. Again, if you are local and come across sane and capable (grin), most rescues LOVE to have a quality foster arrangement, and sadly a lot of rescues have limited or no access to a capable trainer/rehab person. Many rescues are GREAT at weight issues/health issues/physical rehab, but don't have riders at the level needed to rehab training problems, green broke horses, poorly trained horses, old-school-cowboy-broke horses, etc.
    AnnMarie Cross, Pres, Crosswinds Equine Rescue,
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    not helpful day, soweee
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