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    Jan. 9, 2009
    a little north of Columbus GA

    Default perimeter fencing ideas

    We're going to need to replace the perimeter fence around 20 acres. It's mostly wooded, and I want to make sure the local wildlife (primarily the deer) can still pass through.

    Other priorities are a secondary barrier for any horses that get loose, keeping my dogs in, and the neighborhood dogs out.

    Currently it's field fence (smaller openings at bottom, larger at the top) with a strand of barbed wire on top.

    We border the road, a hay field, and a neighbor who doesn't have livestock, so currently no worries about cows, etc. being hard on the fence.

    I'm leaning towards the same type of 48" field fence, sans the barbed wire. This is the perimeter fence only, not something horses will be up against (unless there is an escape from the non-climb or board fenced areas that they belong in.)

    Any other thoughts?
    ... and Patrick

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    Apr. 11, 2007
    Middle Tennessee


    The neighbors already had 48" woven wire up when we bought our 23 acres.

    Trees and bushes have grown over and thru the fence so it's been there a gazillion years and still going strong.

    Only time we have an issue is when lightening hits a tree and it falls on the fence. I have never had an issue with my horses trying to push it down.

    Make sure you put enough wooden cross supports in every so many feet to hold the fence strong and don't under-gate yourself.

    Mr. WTW was spittin' and sputterin' for days over having to put in all the gates I wanted but once they were in, he tells everyone how smart "he" was to have them - lol

    I have 5/8" chains and padlocks on the tractor gates which allow us to easily go from one area to another without having to get out on the road. Plus we have two transformer poles in separate pastures so those gates allow the electric company easy access without having to take fence down.

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