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ee IS the genetic code for chestnut. She has modifers that alter her base color.

Let's asseme she IS liver for a second. The resultant color woild be different if she had a bright chestnut base. So I think the chestnut shade is having an effect on her current color.
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And that is exactly my point. She has a chestnut BASE. She is NOT chestnut. They are two different things.
Must agree with RMT here.

ee ONLY means red-based. "Chestnut" and "sorrel" are the color the horse is. An eeCrcr horse is not "chestnut with cream", it is "red-based with cream" and it is palomino.

Horses are red-based or black-based in their color. Beyond that they are a color dictated by any other modifications, if any, made to the base.

As for gray - I too hope gray has been tested for. This simply does not look like JUST a red-based champagne.