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    Default You wisdom needed!! Maturity of my 2008 gelding compared to '2008 babies' thread

    So, I have a new 2008 gelding and I was perusing the updated pictures of the 2008 horses and noticed that many look like adult horses (wide chests, broad faces, thicker legs, even some cresty necks). Very few, looked more like my horse: immature frame (narrow chest and ribcage). thin legs and flat topline). So my concern is, is my horse too far behind to catch up? Is he likely to be super refined and narrow (not a bad thing, but I'm 5'10, so need something to fill out my leg). Neither of his parents are super refined (although I've heard Linaro was considered a 'refinement' stallion back in his prime). He is Holsteiner if it matters, Linaro/Ariadus/Locato, born the end of April. What does the differences in maturity at this age mean and are there causes? He is not underfed at least calorie wise.

    Pictures, of course

    Oct 15 (in the cross ties standing like a clutz )

    Free jumping (no fun w/o action shots )

    Nov 1st (camera angle makes him look wider in the head and chest than he is, see first photo, but it shows the legs better.

    And if your really bored, here's the breeder's video of him free moving at 26 months. (He is the horse at the 3 minute mark).
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    Don't worry, he is a Holsteiner

    I have a 2007 Hoslteiner mare and she is pretty immature. She stands 15h3 and is butt high, so still growing.

    Look at the pictures of my mare:

    as a 2 y.o.:

    as a 3 y.o., more mature, but still looks a little bit like a teenager:

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    A lady at my barn bought a 2 year old holsteiner who had been bred to be a grand prix jumper and was only 15.2H. By 4 she was 16.1H and VERY substantial.
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    Don't worry! My 16.2 hand 3 year old filly didn't begin to fill out until this year and her very level and mature-looking two year old half-brother (same dam, both Hanoverians) is still narrow in the chest. I think that the taller they will be, the narrower they will be for longer while maturing.

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    Awww.....I love your boy! He was the other gelding I was considering out at Karen's when I picked up my boy a couple of years ago (and who also happened to be out with Darren at the same time to get broke). You can ask Darren about size comparison between Lucas and Charley (who's a July 2007 baby). I took Charley to get broke at 2yr 11mo of age. He was a hair over 16h and still looked like a baby (just like Lucas does in the pics). He came home 90 days later at 16.1 1/2h and a lot more filled out. In the next 30 days he went up to a bit over 16.2h and he's definitely even more filled out now.

    Some horses are just slower at maturing than others, and I think that the ones that get really big really fast are fewer and further between than COTH posts and pictures might seem to imply (though I do have a couple of friends both on and off of COTH with gargantuan babies from way early on!). I personally prefer a horse that grows and matures a little bit more slowly for several reasons. Not the least of which is the fact that I'm less inclined to put pressure on a horse that still looks like a little bit of a baby than one who looks full grown. But also note that many of the pictures of other people's babies are taken from the side where a lot of horses look more mature than they look from the front. I took my boy to a clinic a couple of weeks ago and people kept going on and on about how big he looked, and I kept laughing and saying that obviously they weren't noticing that he pretty much disappears when you look at him head on (he still has the narrow baby chest)!

    I think Lucas looks totally normal for a 2008 horse. And I can say that I have a total freak of nature TB who at 2 years of age still looked like a coming yearling, and at 6 years of age looks like a 2yo. Having that horse for a comparison has made me feel a lot better about my other youngsters

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    Quote Originally Posted by PNWjumper View Post
    But also note that many of the pictures of other people's babies are taken from the side where a lot of horses look more mature than they look from the front.
    Indeed! There is a reason they are all side shots!

    My 2008 colt is very juvenile looking from front and back. From the side he looks much more mature than he actually is.

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    Its all in how you take the pictures! My 2 year old was skinny at his IHF show and it was because he started growing like crazy when I started to ride him a little. He now looks like a fat pony, but has no neck and no shoulders.

    I know that those will develop in time, but I will not be taking any head on shots anytime soon!!!

    I have a friend that has babies that always look like horses, but that takes a lot of handwalking and an amazing amount of food. I personally don't mind the handwalking, but would never feed my guy that much food!!! (nor could I afford it! Unless I lived on Ramen! )

    They are babies still! They should look like babies!

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    My my your fellow sure shows a pretty picture over a fence! Nice stuff.

    Don't stress about the maturity thing. As others have rightly pointed out, young warmbloods take a while to fill out, and photos are not to be trusted!

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