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    Aug. 12, 2003

    Default Dimensions for small indoor?

    How many of you have your own indoor on your farm? What do you think is a reasonable size for one person, maybe two? After boarding all this time, the indoor always seems too small, but it's always filled with people and jumps and stuff in the corners...ect..

    Jumping horses, so need room to school and wide enough for unbalanced youngsters, but small enough to not take up entire yard, and not cost the earth.
    I was thinking to go with more width than length, like 80'x175', 25x55m or so.
    Thoughts? It's hard to picture all the arenas I've ridden in and how big they really are on paper!

    Not sure yet if we can even do an indoor....but hey one can dream. The thought of it is so amazing.

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    Feb. 14, 2003
    Windward Farm, Washougal, WA- our work in progress, our money pit, our home!


    We are currently jumping around in a 72 x 150 arena. 80 x 175 would be a dream!! 4 horses in our ring is tight, but we can set 3 and 4 stride lines, though the approaches are tight. We don't jump big--up to 3 foot is all, due to pace out of corners.

    I'd think your dimensions are generous for 1 person at a time, but for resale value, awesome!!
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    Dec. 27, 1999
    Midland, NC, USA


    My arena is 75x150, which has been adequate for prepping horses (jumpers and eventers) competing through 4'. Not ideal, but workable. You can set up a triple on the long side and that's about it... needless to say bending lines are not a problem!


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    Mar. 22, 2010


    I have a 60 x 108, its not big, but ITS STILL AN INDOOR! we can have three riders in it flatting horses and we at least have enough room for single jumps or to set up a mock trail course. I am in michigan so am thrilled with it for groundwork and just keeping a horse going. I must add, it hardly ever gets used spring summer fall. Our farm has 88 acres, with some trails, a 75x200 outdoor, and a one acre grass riding field. I could not justify building a big indoor and going into mega debt for the next 20 years.

    I have a small private farm, and a very low arena payment. I did not even have to raise board when we put it up, talk about happy boarders!!!!!

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    Jul. 16, 2003
    Guthrie, OK


    Mine is a full sized dressage arena--20x60m. Works pretty good, can set multtiple fences in various exercises.

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    Mar. 16, 2003
    Wet and Windy Washington


    I would say go for the biggest you can afford...I kinda feel its like horse trailers, if you buy a two horse you'll need a three horse etc.
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    Feb. 9, 2005
    Upper Midwest


    My BO's arena is 145' (but with the stuff at the end, so really it is 135') by 70'. I would not go any narrower. I believe she wishes it were longer--at least so there actually was 145' to ride in. Her horse is very small. Mine is not. I wish it were longer and wider, but you know what they say about beggars...

    My old BO's arena was 175' x 80'. This is a nice size. If I were building an arena for my personal use, and I could afford it, I would go about this size.

    I know a couple dressage gals with 200' x 80' arenas (no boarders). It seems a bit large for one, non-jumping person. Of course I am very jealous! lol.

    One other consideration, imo, is if it will be your only riding surface, or if you have a big outdoor.

    Width will cost you much more then length...
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    Jun. 9, 2009
    New England


    I ride in a 60' x 135' in the winter. It's OK (but not great) for flat work with 2 to 3 riders. It is really too small for anything more than a single horse jumping a couple of fences. I would want 10' more width first and then 20' more length... both would be nice... and more would be great!

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