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    Default How does injury affect price? and loss of use on previous injury.

    I am trying to sell a horse for a client who has had a previous soft tissue injury. He is a young (7) thoroughbred gelding who has run several training levels and qualified for preliminary as a 6 year old. He was billed by an olympian as having **** talent and a phenomenal jump. However, a stupid paddock injury took him out of commission for a while.

    He had a mild to moderate suspensory desmitis in his right hind. A PRP was done and in 4 months he was given the ok to be ridden again. He was put back in work but his rider in in Graduate school so didn't have the time to do anything with him, he has just been lightly worked and in a field for a year and a half. Subsequent ultrasounds have shown extremely little scar tissue and even after typical thoroughbred gallops around the field he continues to be sound.

    The plan is to put him back in consistent work and get him out showing again, primarily in the jumpers and then Novice at least by the end of the season down here.

    My problem is, I'm not sure how much an injury like this will take off the price of a horse. I know if I was looking at a horse with a soft tissue injury, I would want to see it come back and doing something before I risked buying it, but for a proven training level eventer (young) who could do jumpers or straight dressage, what would be a good deal? I don't want to get too specific so as to violate the ad rules here, this isn't an ad since he isn't for sale yet, but I just wanted to get your thoughts on how it would affect a buyer looking at him, if it is an instant turn off until he is out showing again, and any other thoughts you have.

    On another note, anyone had any experience with loss of use insurance on a previous injury?

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    When a horse has a prior soft tissue injury, it doesn't necessarily stop me from buying it, so long as it has come back and competed successfully at the level I want it for. I sold one who had a suspensory and we took a long time to rehab him and got him comfortably going at Prelim again before we sold him. Didn't end up being an issue - but suspect I might have had trouble if I'd tried to sell him earlier without establishing that he was fully healed. I've also bought one who had done a front tendon several years before I got him - he'd comfortably come back and was going well on the leg and it wasn't an issue for me.

    As far as pricing, this market is still kind of funky. You'll see a nice training level horse go for everything from under 10K to 30Kplus, depending on who has it, how nice it is, how easy, how sound, how big, what potential, etc. While a fully healed injury might subtract from the price, the circumstances surrounding it are pretty important and highly specific to the individual.

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    here is a genuine question:

    how many horses out there do we buy that have had soft tissue injuries that are never disclosed by the seller?

    And also, how many horses have soft tissue injuries that come and go without the rider ever knowing?

    Now, as for the OQ. From what I have heard, as long as the horse has a successful record after the injury you should be good to go.
    Horses are amazing athletes and make no mistake -- they are the stars of the show!

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    You will not be able to get Loss of Use insurance related to a prior condition the horse has experienced. The condition would most likely excluded from medical coverage for treatment in the future unless the vet can vouch that the injury ultrasounds clean with no scar tissue. Of course this varies from underwriter to underwriter, and some companies will not offer Loss of Use for event horses in general.

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