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    Default Magic Ronaldo?

    Hi COTH people,

    I seem to only ever come here when I want to know about a specific line, and going to continue that trend ...

    I've just bought a gorgeous 5 year old mare by Magic Ronaldo (Rubinstein/Ramino) out of a Donnerhall/Winterkoenig mare, she's absolutely gorgeous in her own right but to top it off she's in foal to Don Frederico.

    Whilst I've done as much research as I can and found all the sites about Ronaldo, I haven't really found many people with Ronaldo horses, or people who can tell me about his foals.

    Does anyone here have anything to share? My girl has a lovely, quiet temperament which I assume comes from the Rubinstein and Donnerhall in her but I have no idea what kind of temperament Ronaldo typically passes on ... the Ramino would suggest some jumping ability, but again I have no idea.

    So any information- good or bad- any thoughts or experiences either with Ronaldo ... or hell Rubinstein or Ramino line horses or Rubinstein/Donnerhalls in general please do share!

    Thanks in advance,

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    There was a breeder in CA (I believe) that used Magic Ronaldo some years back. She used to post on this forum, but I can't remember her real name or her user name.

    FWIW, we almost bought Magic Ronaldo's full brother, Rubin Star, about 5-6 years ago. Even though he was an approved stallion, we were looking at him primarily as an FEI schoolmaster. He was very sweet and easy to handle, and super easy to ride - very willing and generous and forgiving of amateur mistakes. The generosity and gentle nature are typical traits of the Rubinstein bred horses, but we had to pass on him when we found him cribbing in his stall (also somewhat common in the Rubinstein line, esp. the stallions).

    Your new mare has a great pedigree for rideability, work ethic, etc. Have fun with her!

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    Oct. 3, 2009
    Victoria, Australia


    Rubin Star looks stunning from what I've seen- such a shame, I'm in Aus and there's a well known R line stallion here who was apparently a cribber until surgery, so that is interesting however I do know that my mare does not have the fault!

    The rideability/work ethic thing really drew me to her, she was only under saddle 6 months before being put in foal due to owner's health but apparently was a very quick learner and eager to please so I'm looking forward to getting her in work again once she foals. She has fabulous conformation to my eye with brilliant legs which was a big concern for me considering she's bred to Don Frederico who has questionable front legs so yes, I'm very excited both about her and what she produces!

    Thanks for your input.

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    A friend has a gelding by Magic Ronaldo. He has super paces and is a lovely looking horse but is quite cheeky and has taken several years to settle down. She thinks the world of him though and is competing him in dressage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DownYonder View Post
    There was a breeder in CA (I believe) that used Magic Ronaldo some years back.
    Here is the breeder you are referring to:

    I tried to breed to him via frozen around 2003 (I think). Mare didn't catch, but it wasn't the semen. I didn't get it through the above breeder.

    Magic Stables, as I understand it, sold him, but I don't know where he went. I had emailed them but never got an answer. His sale video was on Youtube a few years back. I will try to see if it is still out there---> video is gone. It was entitled "PSG stallion," but in the description it was Magic Ronaldo.

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    He was reserve champion in Oldenburg.

    Movement and work ethic probably typical of a Rubinstein son.

    Not in the league with Totilas but a good ammie sire?

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