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    Aug. 25, 2010

    Default "Moody Mare" -type supplements: will they help my lovestruck mare?

    When my 7 yo mare comes into heat, she is a bit of a pain. She's not moody or witchy at all - she just gets very distracted. Normally she is quiet and obedient, but when she's in season her attention is just not on me anymore. On the ground, she'll want to stop at all the doors and windows of the barn to neigh to the geldings. When riding, she'll want to rush to the far end of the arena where the (empty) gelding's stalls are so she can smell them. There are no stallions at the barn.

    Trying to ride her when she's like this is quite unpleasant, because I know she's under the spell of hormones and is not listening to me very well. She's in season now and I tried doing groundwork with her yesterday - oh man, it was a joke.

    I should add that I have taken care of many mares over the years, and her behavior goes above and beyond what I've seen! She is so engrossed with the neighing and sniffing that she kind of reminds me of a stud.

    So, I'm wondering if putting her on one of the "moody mare" supplements or similar could be helpful to a mare that acts like this. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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    Oct. 11, 2010


    I put my mare on Perfect Prep and loved it! She actually *gasp* concentrated and didn't try to throw me when a blade of grass moved. Nice change!

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    Nov. 13, 2007
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    My mare would be similar to what you are describing, but she was also very hypersensitive. Like I would put my leg on to ask for a leg yield, and she would rush off, head in the air, like someone tried to poke her in the butt with a cattle prod. Leg yielding is not new to her, at all.

    The raspberry leaves (which is what Moody Mare is) helped her a lot. I no longer can tell when she's in heat based on putting my leg on. She's the same all the time.

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    Jul. 7, 2007


    I used Mare Magic for a mare that contually acts in heat any time she is around another horse- mare gelding or stallion, and it REALLY helped. It seems expensive but that bag lasts a long time, and she seems happier too. So we are all happy-the gelding she pesters and me! It also worked within days.
    I'd recommend trying it.

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    Oct. 27, 2009


    I used Mare Moods from Silver Lining Supplements and it worked *really* well. My mare was awful when she was in season, and the Mare Moods completely took care of it!
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