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    kmolen2 Guest

    Default Possible degeneration of the navicular bone? Please help.

    Hi there. I'm new to this forum. It was suggested that I come here and ask your advice, so please help!

    I have been looking at a prospect for the last couple of weeks. He's a very sweet OTTB. He's 7 years old and has been off the track for about 15 months. Today, I had a PPE done with him, and he flexed positive off his front right, so I had his shoes pulled and took x-rays of the front R. We noticed at this point that he the given foot is very slightly clubbed. This is what they showed:

    The next two are the ones to compare:

    Vets comments say: "Moderate degenerative changes to navicular bone, offset foot to lateral remodeling tip of P3 & slight buttress appearance of dorsal P3."

    I see the blurryness, but I'm not sure about how serious it is. I see it all over the R film. The vet says it's enough that she'd "be concerned" but obviously can't advise for what I should do. I'm looking at Jameson as my confidence builder on the flat and working up to jumping horse. I know this is a big deal for a high level jumper, but how serious is this for a horse that's not really going to be pushed too hard, and do some moderate jumping?

    I also want to add that it's been recommended to me by people who board at my stable to get a second opinion. Apparently this vet has told owners of 4-5 horses that they had navicular issues that were not confirmed by other vets with second opinions...

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    Sep. 8, 2007


    Well, if the horse is worth it, then get a second opinion for sure. However, I have a horse with navicular issues and it is an everyday battle. The changes in the horse's bone don't necessarily mean a whole lot by themselves, but the fact that he has a lameness presenting itself makes me worried. It can be a VERY long road with no real victories to be had.

    Another thing to think about is that bony changes are more commonly found in WBs (my navicular guy is a Dutch warmblood). So changes in a warmblood would probably worry me less than changes in a TB. Those changes aren't as common in the lighter breeds, so may have more significance.

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    kmolen2 Guest


    The lameness is only found a few steps out on the flexion exam. He's not actually lame. Have you had x-rays done of your horse's feet that you're able to post? I'm having a hard time finding anything on google even to see a comparison.

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    Jun. 4, 2006


    It sounded like you have changes in the navicular bone and possible early coffin joint changes? I would be apprehensive of that. If you really wanted to know would be an MRI for best guess on future soundness and management. Lameness can be heart braking. Best wishes!
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    Dec. 21, 2009


    Looks like a lot of pedal osteitis too.

    Those are some pretty extensive changes on the x-rays. I would be inclined to think there is a lot of soft tissue damage going on in that area.

    And at 7 years old?

    Did you take x-rays of the left front for comparison?

    Rational me would stay far away from buying this horse, but of course it's hard to always be rational.

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    Sep. 8, 2007


    I'm working on trying to get some pics for you, tried to get them on photobucket but can't so far. I'll keep trying.

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