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    Default Ebay Challenged

    I seriously think ebay is impossible for me to understand how to sell something on it (namely a dressage saddle).

    I don't understand how the auction vs buy it now works; don't understand the pay pal system; don't understand how much ebay takes off the sells once the item sales on auction vs buy it now....

    Am I ebay challenged? I just really wish someone would take it down to the basics and let me read "ebay for dummies". Not only am I against ebay (because of all the scammers out there) ...

    Basically, i need help?!?!?!

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    There's this marvelous thing called a search engine. It helps you find information on the Internet. It is especially good at finding information ABOUT the Internet. For example, in a matter of seconds, it helped me find this Ebay for Dummies link:
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    Go on ebay and search for the item you want to sell. Find something similar, then scroll all the way down to the bottom of that listing and click the words 'sell one like this.' Follow the instructions as it goes along, and keep a second window open to google anything you don't understand.

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    I think it is probably a good think that you can't get the hang of ebay...depending how you look at are either saving money not buying all the useless things you absolutely need....or you are still paying retail

    I was very much like you a few years ago, I had a friend who is an ebay guru show me how it works, I think all it cost me was a bottle of wine.

    Here's what she told me:
    Spend some time looking at the comparable prices of the other saddles like yours to see what they are selling for.

    Then, set the starting price for the minimum you are willing to accept it for. You can either have an auction style or a set price (Buy It Now) to sell it for. You can offer both, if someone clicks on the BUy It Now it automatically ends the auction.

    Ebay takes a percentage off of the sale based on how much the auction goes for...there are also additional fees for various types of listings.

    Don't worry, it is pretty easy. Maybe don't start with trying to sell a saddle, start out selling some other used tack or something that you can experiment withat a lower price point? Selling expensive stuff like saddles for the first time can be stressfull

    Here is a link on ebay to help you out.
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    Thanks everyone- all the tips have been great!!!

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    I also think it's a good thing you don't understand it. I was an Ebay seller (and confess, buyer too) for over 10 years. No more. The system is just too bizarre for me, I really dislike the rules they've restricted on the sellers.
    When I am looking for something, I notice the amount of items has been reduced to about half. And are higher priced.

    With something like a saddle, you're better off selling it locally, where a person can actually try it on their horse. Also, you never know how an item may come back (if at all) if it's a poor fit. Getting involved with Ebay's litigation is an incredible hassle.

    Just sell it locally where you can actually talk to the person. Ebay's a total rip-off.

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    I have bought and sold saddles on Ebay many times, mostly with good success.

    If you are completely new at selling, you will encounter some suspicion from buyers because you would be selling a relatively high ticket item with no feedback. I know that I prefer to buy form someone with a track record of positive feedback and someone who has sold equestrian items before (this helps remove the risk of being scammed).

    However, selling on eBay normally is a lot quicker than selling through a consignment shop (where they also take 20-30% of the sales price).

    If I were you, I'd start by posting ads on free forums or in tack stores/feed stores. I've bought and sold through and The Chronicle has a tack forum where the ads are inexpensive and then there is the bits and barter board.

    Good luck!
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