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    Default Coverall arenas

    Exactly how many of them have actually fallen down? I heard about a big one in Texas that did, injuring/killing people. Any others that have done this? What weather conditions or other precipitating factors were present?

    Are the buildings more stable fully closed up, or with the end doors open?

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    I haven't heard of them falling down. From my understanding of how they work, doors open or closed shouldn't effect stability. The stability of them should come from the arches.
    I did Google Cover All collapses and came up with a lot more than I like, seeing as I was thinking about getting one!! Maybe the collapses have more to do with the installer than CA?
    Cover All has been bought out by Norseman, maybe they will correct the issues, whether they are structural or installer related.
    I will be following this to see if I have to change my mind on the structure.

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    The problem with the building in Texas was lack of engineering knowledge for something that large. Cover-All was a well established company and there are dozens of their structures around here, ranging from small shelters to riding arenas, which is what they really should have stayed with. The stadium-like structure was a tad out of their scope and should have been left alone.

    I did not know about the buy-out; the last on the news here was the lawsuit and the fact CA would never survive the payouts. They did go broke over it all......and a long established company at that.
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    I've never heard of them collapsing either! Scary! But there are two of them in this area, and I've ridden in both. We get some severe snow and wind in the winter. We did have a very well known barn collaspe two winters ago and that was really scary!
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    A friend of mine had 3 of his Coveralls blown down in one night. It was a windy night ... but not that windy! His Coveralls are all built in a valley surrounded by hills which are against the prevailing wind, but they still blew away. His were 200ft by 80ft and were used to store hay and straw in. This all happened before Coverall went bankrupt so Coverall came in and rebuilt his 3 buildings.

    I wouldn't have Coverall buildings. The main reason is that I live on a very beautiful farm and I simply could not have ugly buildings like this here. The other reason, I personally know too many people whose Coveralls that have blown down.

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    There is one not far from me. The cover blew off last winter (less than a year old). They fixed it in June. I drove by on Tuesday and it was blown off again.

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    Jan. 17, 2008


    We have a big one (200X100 ish). We had a mini twister last week and it is still standing. Doors blew open and it made a terrifying noise (so glad I was not sitting on my thbd!) but it didn't budge.

    I would say that when erected properly it shouldn't be a worry.
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    Wow. This is good information to be aware of. For years, I've said I would install a CoverAll building in a flash should the time ever be right (not enough land/setback where I am now to install an indoor)
    But with failures like this, I'll say that when the time comes, I'll be looking long and hard at stick built again.

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    As someone told me long ago, when using new technologies, it is better not to be one of the first ones to try it, wait some years and see how that works.

    Fabric covered buildings have been around now long enough to know that they cost about as much as metal ones and just don't last by far the same, not even counting the failures.

    Sure, they are ok most of the time, until you have to replace the fabric, an extra time and expense over a metal one.

    Depending on what you want and what disadvantages you can live with, one of those covered buildings may fit your needs, or maybe not.

    I know a few years ago the talk in farm magazines was that there sure were many skeletons of those buildings dotting the Midwest, so check into those carefully before committing to one of them.

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    we considered a coverall for a split second before we built our facility - but it never really entered the picture - for the cost it was not that much more than a real structure - I think a lot of people just think it is so much cheaper but not really.

    And the property value is not there in a coverall. Besides our place is too windy.

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