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    Oct. 22, 2003

    Default ARG!!! $#()_$#)_ Home repairs. >:(

    So our gas got shut off on Friday. Gas line needs to be replaced.

    Living in Dallas, this is not an "OMG EMERGENCY" situation this time of the year aside from the annoyance of hand washing dishes and cold showers. It is classified as "quite urgent" in our general chaos scale.

    Just had the first plumber crew out for an estimate. $5,000+ 0_o I about fell off my chair. Reason being is because the distance from curb to house is 15'. $5,000. Oh, and there is another leak on the line somewhere. They can't find it in the house, they SUSPECT it is the valve joint on the exterior pipe and not actually IN the house, but we can't be sure until the repair is done. I was hoping for, $2-$3K. $5K with the potential for more? We just paid our taxes.

    I have another plumber coming out for another estimate (obviously). This is distressing. Yes, we CAN do it right away if needed, but gah...
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    Jan. 14, 2003


    Keep getting quotes. Post an ad on Craigaigslist. There are a lot of qualified and licensed tradespeople out of work who would appreciate the job and might be much more reasonable on the price. Especially if you pay cash.

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