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    Jul. 11, 2003

    Default Anybody else fully in Christmas mode already?

    Is anyone else as much of a Christmas freak as me? I just love this time of year so much. Now that it's November I can start listening to Christmas music, though I will make myself wait a few more weeks before getting out the Christmas movies! Just wondering if anyone else gets extreme happiness from all things Christmas related! I recently found a collection of vintage Christmas ads that had that warm and fuzzy feeling in spades! I also can't wait for snow, it never fails to make me feel like a little kid again!

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    Mar. 30, 2007
    Hollowed out volcano in the South Pacific.


    I am getting those old Christmas shows to watch on Blu-Ray. I loved watching those when I was growing up.
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    Jan. 1, 2008



    I almost shot the T.V. today after watching about 10 commercials for Christmas stuff already.

    I almost went postal last week in my local Rite Aid store where I had to go by all the Christmas decorations to get to the Halloween stuff.

    Bah Humbug (in November - is that early enough?)

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    Jun. 18, 2007


    I'm fully into Christmas mode, assisted by the music. I love Christmas music, and for anybody seriously into performance, it's perfectly valid to be rehearsing in October so that it's polished to perfection by December. Takes time to put things together if you care about doing them well. So I'm getting multiple hours of it each week right now in rehearsals with the different groups. There's nothing like it to get me in the mood.

    Although I do agree that stores jump the gun a bit.

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    Feb. 3, 2010


    For me, its about the scent of christmas trees. Every year around this I buy a new candle for the house and a new air freshener for my car. Right now my car smells like Christmas!
    And this weekend my husband and I went out to dinner and then started our Christmas shopping. We found some great things!
    I love this time of the year. And on Christmas Eve, its our turn to host the neighborhood party. Even though we live in a very rural area we all take turn hosting a party near all holidays throughout the year. We have been doing Christmas Eve for about 14 years. All the neighbors stop in for a bite to eat and a drink of course. We are very blessed to have such wonderful neighbors.

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    Jan. 21, 2007
    In the South, ya'll.


    I kind of am. I was on my way back home on Sunday and couldn't resist turning a little Christmas music on. I can't help it, I love the season. The smells of Christmas trees, cookies baking at my mother's house, blinking lights on the outside of every home, and it just puts me in such a happy mood 24/7. I could care less about the presents, I just enjoy getting to spend the time with family that we don't get to see as much, church on Christmas Eve and the togetherness.
    Worry, doubt, fear and despair are the enemies which slowly bring us down to the ground and turn us to dust before we die.

    ~ Douglas MacArthur

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    Jan. 31, 2003


    No, I hate Xmas. Mr. EqT asked me last night if maybe i would like to go somewhere tropical for the holidays this year, that is how much I hate it!
    "Kindness is free" ~ Eurofoal
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    Feb. 6, 2003


    Well I'm in full holiday mode.
    I adore this time of the year...starting in September. As soon as summer is over and autumn weather moves in I'm happy as heck. Even if it means I'm on leaf removal detail for the next 2 months.
    I love love love autumn with the start of football season and then Halloween kicking off the holiday season. Love cool and cold weather, even love when daylight savings time ends.
    House smelling like apples and cinnamon and nutmeg and pumpkins from all the baking. Mmmmm, love the smell. (but oddly I dislike sweets, LOL)
    Going to the high school football games, watching football at home while comfy on the couch with a cup of tea or coffee.
    Planning costumes for halloween, seeing the kids all dressed up.
    And now planning for Thanksgiving, already started the Christmas cookies, starting the holiday shopping online, etc. Things don't quiet down here until after 12th night in January and then the SuperBowl.
    No carols yet, I won't listen to those until the day after Thanksgiving when I'm putting up the tree.
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    Hold onto the bridle!
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    Jul. 11, 2003


    Yay I'm so glad I'm not the only Christmas freak out there! That Christmas tree smell can instantly cheer me up if I'm in a bad mood. For candles I find the Yankee Candle Balsam and Cedar one is pretty accurate! As someone else said, the presents are the least important part, and sometimes Christmas day itself is a little bittersweet since I have to stop listening to the music, take down the tree, and put away the village and other decorations. At least I still have a couple months of potential snow to look forward to afterwards.

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    May. 4, 2003


    As soon as the Christmas cake is made, I'll be in the mode. Although I would like to hate it so much that my husband wants to take me on a tropical
    vacation. Nah - I love the whole family around and this year my DD is coming from Zurich with our new baby grandson - can't wait to be all involved.

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