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    Default Anyone else on their second attempt at college?

    I left college a few weeks into my sophomore year to be a working student. Started back at community college when I was 22 then transferred back up to the original University I started at. I was never a great student but I am really having trouble this time. I know my faults: lack of motivation to study outside of class, horrible at time management, and a big procrastinator. The thing is, I LOVE to learn! Anyone have any tips that helped them get through it?
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    I went to college right out of high school- for one semester. I wasn't ready to go. Same problems you are having- not motivated, procrastinated, time mgmt sucked, etc. I spent more time at the barn than I did at school. So- I went out and got a really good (non horsey) job that paid very well. Of course, I was working 12 hours days- I never got to see my 2 horses I was paying board on!

    After a few years- I decided to go back. I started back full time at 21 and graduated at 25. I also had bought my own house by then- so I was paying a mortgage with no roommate help, working at a steakhouse 4 nights and doubles on Saturdays. Sold one horse, put the retired one at a friends where I mucked stalls 2x/week and cleaned her house 2x/month in exchange for board. Thank God I only had to pay for the first semester plus books. After that- I rec'd a full scholarship (tuiton + books) for Academics (based on high school and first semester records). That was the only way I could have stayed - financially. I remember eating animal cookies and oatmeal for all my meals all week long. I couldn't wait to get to work at the steakhouse so I could have a meal!

    It's a long road- but stick to it! For my personality- I HAD to be THAT busy to keep it all straight. I thrive in chaos and the more on my plate the better. I couldn't study for weeks - I crammed for my exams- but aced them all. Graduated with honors and the top of my Ag Class. Amazing what we can do when we set our scattered minds straight!

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    Not yet, but I will be starting next fall!! Few ducks to line up first!!
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    It took me 5 years to get my AA. Started working on my bachelor in a program I hated (business) and after the birth of my son, dropped out. Returned in my late 30's to get an AS in Vet Technology. Didn't finish (3 courses left) because I was doing the long distance program, the vet I worked for wasn't much of a mentor and I was tired of driving 2 hours to the college for tutoring with the labs..and realized that in this state, having a degree means nothing, at least for the majority of clinics. Now, at 47, with 3 kids, 2 of whom are in college, I am returning to get my bachelor in English Language Arts Education so I can teach. Lots of grant money to be had, and I am really pumped to be returning! I think I may have finally grown up!

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    I just graduated last May...I got married and moved cross country in my senior year of college, and then was pregnant, barn full of horses, etc. When my daughter was 9 I decided to slam that last year out and I did it in 3 semesters . I went full time and blazed through - it went by SO fast and it was so worth it!

    Make your course work your priority ~ it's hard but you'll get through it quicker if you do. It's so hard to get that momentum back if you stop ....just keep up the pace and you'll be fine Best of luck to you!

    P.S. I was rarely on COTH the last year was because I was studying....there's no way you will have time to hang out on the internet and read message boards ~ just remember it will all be here when you're done with school

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