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    Nov. 2, 2001
    Out for Lent

    Default Nanowrimo in progress.

    Well, the dishes are piling up, the animals have their lent (no, I feed them)

    As of 5:40 on the 11th day I am roughly 1300 words behind schedule.

    I have picked a somewhat youth oriented theme, my dear child is modeling for the hero. And since he is a geek I tried to venture into the fantasy realms of magic. No, no wizards...but somewhat close.

    My stats say I should finish around 12/2....only 2 days late, but hey, I am glad I got this far!
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    Aug. 6, 2002
    NJ, USA


    Hey fellow WriMo, I'm right with ya! Nanowrimo has changed November from one of my least liked months to one of my favorites!

    I'm further behind than you but planning a big catch up night tonight. It's seemed to go like that for me - can't manage the 1667 a night, but CAN do surges of 4000 or 5000 in a sit down when inspired.

    I tried it last year, but got discouraged when my obviously not well formed plot began to wander hopelessly. This year I did the research work, characterizations and detailed plot outline before Nov 1st, and now I'm sure I'm going to complete a draft novel by Nov 30th!

    That's what I love about NaNo - it gives us that concrete deadline, and proof aplenty that one CAN write a novel draft in one month, night by night! God bless the founders of this phenom!

    Best of luck with yours - I know there are a few other WriMo's on here, we'll have to check in Dec 1st (or next OT day!) on our results!

    Meanwhile - write, write, write!!!

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    Mar. 23, 2005


    I'm so far behind but don't really care. It's fun and motivation to actually sit down and write.

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