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    Default The Haunted Stables - A True Ghost Story

    For those who didn't see it when I posted it last year, here it is again for your Halloween pleasure.
    "No matter how well you perform there's always somebody of intelligent opinion who thinks it's lousy." - Laurence Olivier

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    Good Halloween story!

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    Ok, although spooky, a lot of holes in that story.
    what did she do with the horse who was freaking out and wouldn't go in the stall...did she drop it, and go with a pitchfork to confront the 'man'. I want to know what happened to the horse (LOL).

    then, why would a groom, presumably who that 'man' was, not want people around?

    If something freaked me out...I'd hop in a horse's stall and grab their head so I could manuver it around so the horse's butt would be facing any not nice person in my space!

    Anyhow, sorry to be so picky...good story with good cinematic effects. WHOOOOE
    save lives...spay/neuter/geld

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