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    Default Nikwax for waterproofing blankets

    I have an older saxon turnout sheet. It is no longer waterproof, but fits the horse well so I hate to retire it. I have heard that you can use Nikwax to re-waterproof a sheet - which kind? I saw a few on Amazon but I'm not sure what to get. Does it work?

    I was looking at this: which has a wash-in plus a cleaner.

    Or this: which is a spray on.

    There are others too.

    Any suggestions?

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    Jun. 10, 2001


    i regularly wash my blankets in the nik wax rug wash and the rug waterproofer (wash in kind). however, i never tried to re-waterproof a blanket that's no longer water proof with nik wax so can't comment on that.
    nik wax has kept my sheet waterproof for 6 years now!
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    Don't know about nikwax but I would spray my old blankets with the waterproofing you can get in the camping section at walmart for tents and clothes and such. It says on the front it retains breathability but I forget the name (name brand). It worked fine. one large can could do two blankets easily.
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    Before Classic Coverups went out of business,they sent me a can of Penguin water proofing spray. It really works well. There's another rinse you're supposed to use before you use the waterproofing stuff that will make it adhere better.

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    Jun. 30, 2009


    I've used the Nikwax product line for many a jacket & this year for some blankets that were gifted to us along with the recommendation that we waterproof them

    I really like the spray on for jackets (still need to be really well cleaned for best adherance) but couldn't find it locally for the blankets so I did the wash-in: when using this, start by washing well, then rinse very well to remove even the Nik soap (I do extra rinses & then repeat the entire wash cyle without soap to ensure I've got minimal residue), then add the wash-in waterproofer & allow this to soak overnight if possible (yeah Nik claims that 10-30min is all you need, but years of jacket washing has taught me that O/N greatly improves the longevity of the waterproofing), for the wash-in I minimize rinses - want the excess gone but don't want to start leaching out what I've just been trying to put on!

    I looked at the cheap stuff sold for water-proofing tents etc but couldn't imagine working with something that smells that awful (I checked a couple brands & they were equally solvent based).

    Of course no one has the actual Nik blanket wash locally, so no comment on that ...

    The blankets came out great - unfortunately we just bought new blankets as one was too large (& rubbing) & one was too light now that it's colder.

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    Jun. 25, 2007


    I sprayed a turnout sheet with Nikwax spray last year that had lost its waterproofing. It worked but the waterproofing wore off by spring. Lasted for winter though. I ended up having to buy a new waterproof turnout and splurged on a Rambo, as I heard the waterproofing stays "forever" as long as you wash in the Rambo wash.

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    Sep. 8, 2007


    I think the stuff at Wal-Mart is called Camp Dry. It works great, has kept my blanket totally waterproof for two years now. Just spray the outside only of the blanket and let it dry for 24 hours.

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    I used the NikWax spray last year, and will never buy it again. It is very much a wax, and every piece of dirt clung to that blanket the second I used it. And it took almost a quart of the stuff to do one 78" turnout. In the future I will use the CampDry stuff for tents.

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    Another vote for Camp Dry, by Kiwi, in the shoe dept of Walmart. The heavy duty green can. I used it last year, it worked well, and was breathable.
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    OK looks like I'm going to Walmart tomorrow. Thanks!

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    Mar. 1, 2007
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    does Rambo sell a waterproofing solution. I have a older Rambo that i have just basically washed in borax and water and want to try and improve the waterproofing. Any ideas?
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