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    Default Bathtub method--can it shrink boots?

    I got a super deal on some fully lined brown Konig field boots, beautiful boots, but as they were custom made one boot is @ 1.5cm bigger than the other--and I was wondering if the bathtub method might shrink the boots that small amount? The boots have zips from the top of the foot up, if that makes a difference. The boots aren't really broken in yet--really very good condition. Thanks for the help.

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    I would suggest you find a good shoemaker that can take off the zipper and fix the difference in that boot rather than to risk nice boots on that sort of a "technique"

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawneeAcres View Post
    I would suggest you find a good shoemaker that can take off the zipper and fix the difference in that boot rather than to risk nice boots on that sort of a "technique"
    what she said

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    Getting the boots wet won't hurt them a bit (and yes, I've done it to help break in nice custom Vogels, among other boots.)

    However, it won't help shrink them. The point of getting the leather wet is that it helps them stretch (and then you wear them til dry so they retain their new shape.)

    To make the boots smaller, you need a really experienced cobbler.
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    You may be able to shrink them a bit by dunking them then allowing them to dry near a heat source (ask me how I know ) however I'm not sure if they would stretch back out.

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    I think all of what Intrepid said is right--you could shrink them a bit, but they might stretch back out. And I'm sure a good cobbler would howl in protest at that suggestion (especially using heat to shrink them). I know you said the boots were Koenigs, but you might check Vogel's website. They have a whole list of what they charge for alterations and repairs, and are really nice to talk to on the phone. (Hee hee--I just scored a great never used pair of Vogels off Ebay that I am going to have altered for me. Should end up with a super nice pair of boots for about a third of what they cost new!) Good luck!

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